Welcome to The Business Network Central and East Lancashire

The Business Network Central & East Lancashire is one of the most successful business networking groups for business owners and senior decision-makers in Lancashire; a reputation it is so fiercely proud of!

With Karen Tems at the helm and boasting over 18 years in the industry, we have become the ‘go to networking event of choice’ for those committed to not only making a difference to their own business or the company they represent, but to helping others too.

Representing a variety of industry sectors, the membership is full of like-minded individuals intent on building business connections to generate leads and opportunities. We comprise a well-balanced mix of businesses to ensure a positive approach to collaboration and business success.

A select group of passionate, dedicated and proactive Members who ensure that the group’s reputation for facilitating business and generating significant revenue and referrals between each other is second to none. Combine this with our positive ethos and commitment to wanting to help and support businesses of all sizes nurture relationships and strategic partnerships with its introductions and you have the recipe for success.

At the core of this is Karen herself and her unrivalled dedication to connecting businesses.  Her ability to get to know each and every Member is key and why the group goes from strength to strength, retaining loyalty of existing Members and attracting new Members to the fold.

How Our Networking Group Has Evolved

Since March 2020, our Online Member Drop In’s and Monthly Events on Zoom have became a regular occurrence and our Members have supported each other through the toughest of times and will continue to do so.

Now with the lifting of restrictions, our membership will be a combination of both Online and In Person events.

We will continue to ensure that all Members will benefit, be active, be visible, be valued and be successful as we go forward.