Welcome to The Business Network Central and East Lancashire

Hello there, my name is Karen Tems and I’m the owner and host of The Business Network Central & East Lancashire.
I believe that for business networking to be truly effective, it should be considered an essential part of the working day.  Which is why we do things a little bit differently here.
We only welcome business owners and senior decision makers. People who commit their valuable time to the group because they recognise the value it brings to their business.
We invest in time together. We meet once a month for a delicious lunch in a wonderful Lancashire venue. Each table of members and guests is specifically curated by me and warmly hosted by an existing member to encourage great conversation and potential collaboration.  Think of it as a business lunch, but with far greater reach.   
Supporting the monthly lunches is our Member Drop In.  Accessible, efficient and cost-effective, it is an informal get together featuring a business related bite size webinar and member news roundup. Designed to educate, inform and entertain in equal measure.
We help and support each other.  Running your own business or being a senior decision maker can be a lonely place. Our primary focus is to ensure that everyone feels included and comfortable. Creating the breathing space to discuss business issues, share insights, solve challenges and develop new opportunities together.
Your business success is my business success.  I dedicate time to understand what your business offers, what you want to achieve through your membership and then help you make it happen by connecting your business with others in the group who can help. Through ongoing 121s I make sure that you are achieving your goals.
Developed over the last 12 years I’m so proud of what our group has achieved. The friendships and business relationships made. As well as the business revenue created.
I would love to introduce you to our vibrant, exciting community so you can see for yourself why The Business Network Central & East Lancashire is networking that works.
Please feel free to get in touch to find out more and join us as a guest at our next event.