Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Attend As A Guest?

Are you a business owner or senior decision maker?  If the answer is Yes, then our answer is Yes Please!  We would love to hear from you simply call us on 07530 287629 or book via our Guest Booking Page.

How Do I Book Onto An Event?

If you are a Member, then visit the Member Login Area and you can book onto any of our events.

What If I Can’t Attend?

As a Member, you have the option to send someone in your place provided they are a senior decision maker. People buy people and sometimes having more than one face of the business actually works and increases the potential of connections and referrals that can be made.

What Do I Need To Bring With Be To An In Person Event?

Come armed with enthusiasm, a winning smile and a genuine interest in others – oh and some business cards!

What Membership Options Are Available?

Click here to review our Membership optionsand please get in touch should you have any questions:

How Do I Get The Most From My Membership?

Our Members commit to our group for a number of reasons; for some it is new clients, for others it is sourcing suppliers for themselves or their clients, it may be being ‘in the know’ locally or just to keep learning and meeting talented business decision makers.

Whatever the reason, we can make sure that Members get a return on their investment with Networking Skills Training.

What Happens At The Monthly Events?

Members Drop-Ins 11.00-11.45

For our Members By Our Members. The purpose of our Drop In is to stay in touch, keep motivated and offer help and support. Informal networking starts at 1045, followed by a 20 minute seminar on a relevant business topic. Rounded off with Member news and updates.

In Person 11.30 -14.00

Our In Person events feature informal networking, hosted table presentations, a two course lunch at a first class venue and a speaker. You will also receive a Welcome Pack and Seating Plan.

What Happens In Between Events?

The business doesn’t stop the moment the event ends, in fact, this is often where it begins!  Members and Guests always leave our events with contacts and more knowledge on their peers which lead to invaluable 121’s.

We encourage 121 meetings to get to know fellow Members, to develop stronger relationships, encourage partnerships, referrals and in many cases friendships.

It’s about who you know and who you can introduce to one another to bring mutually beneficial financial gains for you and your business.