Networking Skills Training

Since our launch in 2009 we have grown a supportive community of high-quality businesses and key decision makers.   Our members operate from a spirit of abundance, have a collaborative mindset, and reap the rewards that membership of our group offers.

Having made a time and financial commitment to The Business Network Central & East Lancashire, we want to make sure that you get the most from your investment and we have 3 workshops to help.

Getting The Most From Your Membership
- Half Day -

Our members commit to our group for a number of reasons; for some it is new clients, for others it is sourcing suppliers for themselves or their clients, it may be being ‘in the know’ locally or just to keep learning and meeting talented business decision makers.

Whatever the reason, this workshop is must – for our newer Members to help formulate and achieve their goals for the group and ideal for some of our established members who enjoy themselves so much they forget to employ those essential networking behaviours and skills.

Content includes:

  • Building and maintaining rapport in networking situations
  • Effective table presentations (a brief introduction)
  • Essential networking behaviours
  • How to achieve your business goals whilst thoroughly enjoying yourself.

How To Make Engaging Table Presentations
- Half Day -

Our aim is simple, to introduce senior decision makers, making it easy to build productive and lasting business relationships.  One of the many ways that we facilitate this is via our ‘table’ and  ‘breakout room presentations’.

Now more than ever, we need to establish and nurture business relationships as we learn about our new world, adapt our businesses and seek new customers.

The ability to communicate your message in an engaging and memorable way to is key to your networking success.

Content includes:

  • Using a structure
  • Engaging the audience
  • Authentic delivery
  • Overcoming nerves

Table Hosting Skills
- Two Hours -

Our table are hosted by experienced Members with fantastic facilitation skills.  Effective hosting is central to the success of each table and also gives the host the opportunity to raise their profile within the group.

Content includes:

  • Setting the scene
  • Helping nervous speakers
  • Managing timings
  • Introducing theme of the day
  • Sharing best practice