This pandemic has unsurprisingly created a host of new process’ and hoops for us to jump through, both professionally and personally. While it’s perhaps a little difficult to measure the cost personally, we are certainly able to measure the cost to businesses. Issues with employees suffering the after-effects of COVID-19 are rising and it’s no surprise at this moment in time. Businesses are seeing attendances fall dramatically, as well as productivity levels dropping like never before.

As employers we are able to help our businesses maximise their productivity by making well informed decisions about how to support employees who are in imperfect health due to COVID-19.

Did you know that there is likely to be more “Long-COVID-19” suffers without a positive test than with one?! This means that as well as dealing with employees that we know to be struggling with COVID-19 issues, there’s still a huge danger that we have undiagnosed staff members that are too, struggling.

If you or any of your employees have previously had COVID19 or are struggling to feel as fit as you were prior to the virus, then our post-covid rehabilitation service will help you get there!

Our new service can also be claimed on health insurance plans under the Physiotherapy allowance. We are a retainer-free occupational health service in the North West, hoping to help keep businesses thrive!

Please use the link to register your interest in finding out how we can help you. The information you provide will allow us to analyse your symptoms in more detail and offer you the best rehabilitation solution.


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