Over the years I have learned that even though I may have all the ‘mediation ‘skills and the ‘legal knowledge’ to be a good mediator, if I really wanted ‘mediation’ to be a way of really helping my clients in and beyond mediation, there were other tools I needed to bring into the mediation room.

There is huge value in being the client’s mediation coach.

I have followed this principle for a number of years now and as a result my mediation practice has grown and evolved, and I now do a significant amount of coaching of business owners, professionals and managers as well as divorcing and separating clients.

Every client is different, and the approach has to be tailored to their individual needs and situation.

I do, however, believe all clients benefit from coaching support. Asking searching questions and coaching the client to consider how they would deal with certain situations which may arise in any situation is a life enhancing skill. Failing to have this level of personal reflection means they are likely to remain stuck in their positions, irrespective of whether they are going through a divorce or separation, or if they are in a leadership position either as a manager or business owner.

Realising that if you want something different in your life, you must do things differently is something most people know, however the challenge they have is bridging the knowing and doing gap, because they are slaves to their habits and own limiting beliefs.

I help my clients get clarity, certainty and control over their future, irrespective of the challenges they may be facing.

Taking that first step to contact a coach and get supportive and independent help can turn any crisis you may be facing into your greatest opportunity.

Bernadette Willems

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